Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Year, new goals

Even though I haven't been in school for almost ten years, I still think of September as the start of a new year.  Around this time, I start thinking, "Okay, time to get my sh*t together; things are going to be different".  I'm pretty organized about most things, but I tend to start slacking off in the summer.  It's time to get back to a routine now, especially with E being in school.  As a way to keep myself accountable I am writing out some goals for the fall.

Daily/Weekly Habits - These are some of things I want to be more diligent about.  Some of them are so I can feel more organized throughout the week when we are busy, and others are just good habits that I should be more strict about:

Plan our meals on the weekend and organize when groceries need to be purchased (and by whom)
Sometimes I need to go to the grocery store for canned and refrigerated items, and other times Dave can walk up to our local stores throughout the week for meat and produce.  My tips for menu planning are here.

Set my work clothes out for the week on Sunday evening
Then I will know if I need anything washed, ironed or mended in advance.

Make muffins or breakfast type bread each weekend
I like an easy breakfast that I can eat in the car on the way to work if possible.  Some fruit and a muffin are my favourite things to grab.  Here are some recipes I've posted before: carrot muffins,  banana chocolate chip muffins, and apple cupcakes.

Make E's lunch and my lunch the night before
If I don't have time to make a lunch in the morning I tend to buy a lunch which means something that isn't always healthy and spending money.  I have to make E's lunch because he doesn't have any other options, so if I can get mine done at the same time, then it will make for an easier morning.

Wash my face and floss my teeth when E is getting ready for bed
When I am tired and going to bed, these are the first things that get tossed out the window.  I want to remember to do these things while I'm still awake and before I am dragging myself to my bed.

Make up a cleaning schedule
I did this for a bit when I was on mat leave, but it never stuck.  I want to "schedule" different cleaning tasks so we'll be reminded to do them.  If I set goals of doing the bathroom, floors, dusting, windows, etc. then I will be more likely to do these things on a regular basis rather than just when we have people come over.

One Time Goals for Fall - These are things that need to be done and should be done in the next couple of months.  It is easy to put these things off, but if I write them down, then I'll be more accountable.

Go through my summer clothes and pitch the ones I didn't wear all summer
I love doing this.  It is very rare that I regret something that I've thrown out.  There are a few things that I know will never be worn or that have gotten ratty, so it's time to go.

Go through my fall and winter clothes and pitch the ones that are getting worn
I have some suits that are looking a little tired, and some dresses that don't really fit anymore. 

Take a trip to the dry cleaner and cobbler
Some of my suit jackets could use a freshening up at the cleaners, and my boots need to get prepped for winter.  I meant to do this in the spring but I didn't get around to it.

Organize and wash my scarves
I have a lot of scarves and I have a pretty good storage place when I keep it neat.  Right now everything is just tossed in there, so I need to take it all out, hand wash the ones I wear a lot, and put everything back in order.

Clean my make up brushes
I ordered a new make up bag from Stella and Dot last week.  Before I move everything over to it, I want to clean up my brushes and throw out the odds and ends of make up.  I also want to get a new powder brush, the one I have is from Shoppers and it must be almost 10 years old. 

Organize our closets
When we moved in last fall I just shoved stuff in the hall closets (sheets, towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies), and haven't really touched them since.  I need to take everything out, organize, get some baskets or containers, and then put it all back.  Our clothes closets are also in need of an overhaul, but I'll get to that when I do some of the things I mentioned above.

This looks like a lot, but there is nothing I like more than being organized, so I'm looking forward to getting these things accomplished (along with Dave's home projects and all of the other things we do).

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  1. Wow!! Lots of goals here--- can relate to so many--- I'm in a cleaning/purging/sorting mindset myself!!