Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

The last weekend of the summer started with a patio lunch with some people from work.  I hope it's not the last one of the season, but it might have been :(  

This was actually very fitting since I got the bigger beer with my lunch. 

When I got home, Dave and E had been up at the park after school and I met them at home. We put together some homemade calzones.  They actually turned out pretty well and I would definitely make them again. 

The next morning I went for a run down by the river and saw a coyote.  Dave continued his weekend project of prepping the living room for painting and then painting it.  E and I walked up to Sportball for the first session of the fall.  He was so excited to be running around, the only pictures I could get were him in motion.  One of his friends from his little school is even in the class, so he was glad to see an old friend

While he was at Sportball I walked up the street to do some errands. The Ukranian Festival was happening and I caught most of the parade on my walk. 

After lunch we waited for the rain to decide what it was doing, and then headed down to the Ukrainian festival just as it started pouring (good timing).  We decided to hit up our local pub for a beer and some wings and nachos until the rain subsided.  After that we continued our walk and E went on some rides.  
Bouncy Castle

With our little neighbour friend

After some rides we got some pierogies and sausages and met up with some more neighbours.  E talked his way into a popsicle from the ice cream truck.  

I asked if I could take his picture, but he insisted on a "family picture" (selfie)

The talented dancers on stage.  

On Saturday night we watched a really cute movie, The F Word. It is set in Toronto and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, and Adam Driver.  It was worth watching for sure and I love seeing my city in the movies. 

On Sunday morning E and I went to church.  E got to help light the candle at the beginning and he was very excited about that.  Our church had a welcome back BBQ after the service so we sat and enjoyed some good food, and even some ice cream with all the sprinkles.

After that we did a few errands for some fall decorations, new pillows and birthday invitations.  Then Dave and I painted the ceiling in the living room before we went up the park.  The city installed a ping pong table so we purchased some paddles and tried it out. 

When we got back I got supper ready (for Sunday and Monday), and Dave painted the living room walls (with some help from E).  After supper I made muffins.  

A great weekend where we got lots done around the house, hung out with friends and had some yummy food!


  1. That was an extra fun weekend, I can tell by your smiling faces! And how neat to see you playing ping pong! In the park!

  2. What a FUN weekend!!! THe uKrainian festival sounds so cool!!!