Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favourites

Linking up with my Texas gals (none of whom I have ever met!) AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites.

1. E's first day of school was a favourite this week.  He was a champ on the walk to school (1.6 kilometre walk, uphill, and didn't need to ride on Dave's shoulders, although he did ask a couple of times), and was comfortable in his new class.  It was raining and was so humid on the walk there so he was pretty sweaty when he got there.  

2. I picked up some new sneakers this week, in one of my favourite colours, white.  They are the same style as I have had for the past few years so I think they will work well.

3.  I also got a new running shirt in E's favourite colour, orange.  It's very lightweight.


4. One of my favourite discussions is trying to pick out paint colours because it sounds so ridiculous. We selected some paint for the living room this week.  We wanted white but not too white, so we are comparing Ultra White, Porcelain White, and Wedding Veil and then trying to decide which is whiter and then what white goes with the other white.  It's foolish.  We eventually settled on Benjamin Moore Oxford White for the ceiling and Marilyn's Dress for the walls.

5. On Wednesday I talked about one of my favourite things, getting organized.  Wish me luck!

Enjoy your weekend, rest up!

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  1. Good luck with organizing. I'm working on a major organization project right now. I'm at the stage where it feels like it's worse instead of better - but I'm so looking forward to how great it's going to look when I'm done!