Thursday, September 12, 2019

Be nice to your body

(If you have already figured this out, bear with me, I just realized this now.)

We often think about ourselves as one complete being, our body and our mind as one.  We make choices with our brains and that dictates how our bodies respond.  I talk a lot about food, it is something I really enjoy, and for the most part I do eat pretty well.  However there are times when I not treat my body that well and yet I expect it to keep up and perform in the same way it always has.  That doesn't seem fair, does it?  I will eat too much indulgent food, drink too much alcohol, stay up too late, forget to take my vitamins/iron pills (look away Dave and Mom!), etc., and yet I still want my body to show up at peak performance.  The poor thing can hardly keep up with these bad habits. 

The other day in my workout class in our cool down/meditation, the instructor said to think about someone who needed your apology, and she suggested it could the person looking back at you in the mirror.  And that is when I figured this all out.  I did say I was was sorry to myself, and promised to do better.  Although my mind may be telling me I want to eat the burger and poutine (and a few beers to wash it down) I know that means my body needs to work harder to process it all, and it means I won't feel 100 percent.  So I need to make better decisions so that my entire body can benefit.  And when I do indulge, to give my body a break and not expect so much of it.


  1. I hear you... i did quite a bit of overindulgence over the summer and now i am paying for it!!

  2. Forgiving yourself is a good thing...I remind myself that, too. It was one of three things Rev. Snow suggested we do for ourselves each day. I forget the other two things but am glad I remember that one. Good advice.