Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Today we are looking our calendars.

Here is a redacted version of my September and October calendars.  I printed these off for the purpose of this post, but I only use my electronic Outlook calendar for all of my planning. The colour coding is for your benefit ;)  Excluding the work things, my events are yellow, E's are blue, and Q's are pink. Dave and I will often send each other meeting requests so the family things get into both of our calendars. 

As you can see I have three standing meetings each week:

Mondays - Legal Review - I meet with the CFO and we review the various things I am working on
Tuesdays - Operations Meeting - The operations team reviews the current Canadian projects
Thursdays - Staff Meeting - The executive team reports on what they are working on

Some lunches and dinners with friends also on the docket, the dentist, and a golf tournament.  Swimming will be added to this list, as long as I am successful this morning with the registration.

Q and E have birthdays coming up, so they will each have a party.  We have Q's planned but I am still working on figuring out E's party.  I also add all of E's school events so I don't forget (like wearing an Orange Shirt!).

September and October are always busy months but we are glad to have a few weekends with no set plans. 

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  1. I would definitely need a print version; for some reason on-line/electronic planning just doesn't work as well for me.

  2. So excited to be in your calendar for this month :)