Thursday, September 19, 2019

Three Things

Three things going on with each of us at the moment:

(I always start with Q, so I'll go with E first this time.)

1.  He finished up his last regular soccer game this week, just two more on the weekend and then done for the season.  Honestly I was not super impressed with his club this year, but E had fun and definitely improved. 

2. He also gets to attend his t-ball banquet this weekend.  There is a good group of kids and parents from his team so it will be fun to hang out with them again.

3.  And keeping with the sports theme, E is practicing for his cross-country meet coming up in October.  This year the Grade 3s run 1.5 km and the top 50 runners get to move onto the next meet. The way home from school is about that long so twice Dave has run to pick up the kids so E could practice that distance.  He is showing promise for a top 50 finish for sure!

1.  Q is puzzle obsessed.  Luckily we have a large variety of puzzles so he always has one on the go.  Although he likes help he is pretty good at doing them himself. 

2.  His birthday is coming up and he knows it. When we mention his birthday he says "Me?!".  There are about 11 of his friends coming to his party.  I need to pick up some supplies this weekend so we will be ready.

3.  The teacher in the Sunday school nursery, who Q loved, is not back this year.  We knew she wasn't going to be back so I prepped Q on the way to church to say there would be someone new but he didn't need to get upset and he would have fun and I would be back to get him after the service.  I took him to use the bathroom when we got there and repeated what I said, and he looked and said "No crying".  So he understood and there was no crying. 

1. He is starting work on the basement. The bottom half of our basement is just an empty space and the plan was always to turn it into a TV room.

2. It his year end at work, which is always a roller coaster of emotions; the life of a salesperson!

3. Like a good dad, Dave is concentrating on sowing grass seed, adding fertilizer, and keeping the lawn watered.  It is an ongoing battle.

1. Planning, planning, always planning.  The plans for both Q's and E's birthday parties are made, just executing the plans now.  Plus we are hosting some people for Thanksgiving so will need to plan that menu too.

2. I am remembering to take my B12 vitamin each day by leaving it on my desk.  So when I get to work in the mornings and logging into my computer, I see it and remember to take it.  Not rocket science but I would never remember if I left the bottle at home. 

3. My uncle, who died a couple of years ago, was a pillar of the Halifax business community and this past weekend a plaque was unveiled on a bench on Quinpool Road to honour his memory.  The other gentleman who was honoured was also a family friend.


  1. I love to read about all of you! Keep enjoying the running, E; puzzles,Q; renos, Dave; and entertaining, Sarah! 🏃🏻🎂🔨👩‍🍳😘🥂

  2. I hope E enjoys cross country and that you survive a birthday party with 11 kids. Go you!