Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Summer Recap

We started our summer of 2019 camping at Sandbanks Provincial Park and spent some beautiful days on the beach.

E participated in a few fun camps - like this soccer camp.

We went to Henderson Brewery

We enjoyed our backyard.

We did some biking.  Dave, E and I all got new bikes too.

We camped at Arrowhead Provincial Park (and had to stop at Weber's of course!)

We beat the heat with some margaritas.

We went swimming and got some lunch at Sunnyside

E did a rock climbing camp.

We hung out with family in Brampton and enjoyed their pool

My mom took E around the city for lots of fun things during "Nana Camp".

Spent some time at city pools

Had a few ice creams.

Hosted a few friends and family members

Went to Canada's Wonderland
E and I checked out Graffiti Alley
We took in a ballgame at Christie Pits with my dad.
Took a road trip to Lake Placid and New Hampshire - rode a gondola, went hiking, mini-golfed, and visited Santa!

E spent his final week of summer at Dave's parents.

It goes by fast but we are ready for the routine of school.

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  1. Yeah, I can't believe how fast the summer went. We too are ready for routine. And I think both kids are asleep so hopefully we'll be successful in sweeping that 9 (or 9:30!) summer bedtime to the curb. Ha!

    I hope E's first day goes well tomorrow.