Thursday, September 5, 2019

First Day of School

And E is off to Grade 3!!  We started our day with eggs, scones, and fresh berries.  E had to be woken up but he was happy to get going.  He even did his hair for the first day.  

Then to the front steps to take some photos.  

And the requisite photo by the chalk board.

I quickly dropped off Q at school and then came back so Dave and I could walk E to school.  We ran into our neighbours and walked up with them.  E found his Chickadee magazine on the way out the door so he and B read through it as they walked. 

Chaos in the playground as everyone was lining up.  E was happy to see his friends and he has lots of buddies in his class.

Comparing new lunch boxes. 

Our usual routine for the first day of school involves walking up to get him so we have lots of time for the full debrief on the way home, and we usually have macaroni and cheese for supper.  However this year, E had his first t-ball playoff game at 5:30 so we had to drive to pick up both kids and we had quesadillas to use up the leftover chicken.   


  1. Good to see E on his first day of school! Nice hair, E! And smiles all around! 💖

  2. What a fun first day!! Cant believe extra curricular started already!