Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Favourites

First of all Happy Birthday to my Mom!  She is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. 

My plan was to get some of our fall decorations out, but it didn't happen.  But Dave did get these beautiful fall flowers on the weekend. 

I had a guest in my office this week - my bike!  When I went to the bike cage on Monday morning the door was broken and I couldn't get in.  It was fixed the next day though!

This is such a good salad and so easy to put together - kale, celery, beets cucumber, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and salmon  The dressing is just oil, lemon juice, grainy mustard, and salt and pepper. 

This is 3/4s of my law school curling team (and we texted this to our skip!).  I went to a reception this week with lots of UNB alumni - also oyster bar and wine ;). Afterwards we went to Constantine for dinner and it was so good!

Autumn colds are here, so it is time to break out my lemon drink.  I actually bought some ginger and lemon juice to keep at work (we already have honey there) and made myself one of these yesterday.  I thought about getting a fancy tonic from Fresh or Kupfert and Kim (or one of those other places) but realized all I really needed was the lemon and ginger so made my own. 

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  1. Thank you, Sarah! 😘 Those flowers are so lovely. And that salad does look to be a delicious combination of flavours.