Monday, September 16, 2019

September Resolutions - Update

Last month I wrote about my resolutions for September, as I tend to think of this time of year as a fresh start, and I wanted to update you.

Eating better -This is going well.  No alcohol since September 1, and no nighttime snacking, other than some popcorn this weekend.  Those are my two weaknesses and the things I find the hardest to give up.  I definitely feel better and stronger, so it is worth it, and also it feels good to be disciplined.

Bring my lunch - well, since I am eating healthy foods and following a reset meal plan, I am pretty good about not buying food at work.  I did meet a friend for lunch last week, but I think I made a pretty wise choice - a fish and shrimp cake with roasted cabbage and carrot salad.

Fitting in an extra workout/continuing to ride my bike - I am still riding my my bike a few days a week, even though it is getting cooler in the mornings.  That has been my extra workouts for now.

Not scrolling through social media - Not as good with this one.  Since our election has started, and TIFF was going on in Toronto, I have been very interested in Twitter lately.

Start thinking about Halloween and Christmas - We have Q's costume, and E knows what he wants to be so I need to get those things.  No thoughts towards Christmas yet, but my goal will definitely be to minimize the toys!

So I will continue with all of these and a few more as we continue on this month and into October:

Get E back into doing his chores.
Finish up decorating the kids' rooms.
Print some photos for our photo wall.
Read more books.
Keep up to date with the election coverage.


  1. Well done, Sarah, on the food and beverage changes! For me it is always a challenge. You have inspired me. I know I do feel better when I can make a goal and stick with it.

  2. Yay for eating better and not drinking all month long... i am eating better but come friday, love a couple glasses of vino!