Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Weekend Recap

Friday afternoon in my office :)

We had a quick dinner of leftovers and then I went to Wal-mart (fun times on a Friday night!) to get a few things for Q's birthday party.  When I got back the kids were wearing costumes and we were making lots of popcorn.

Our neighbours came over and we watched Toy Story 4. 

I went to my work out on Saturday morning, and then we got ready for E's last soccer games.  I was coaching so Dave and Q only stayed for a little bit and then walked home, getting a hair cut for Q and some lunch.  E's soccer team played well and it was a beautiful morning to be at High Park.

The kids sitting together for farewell to the season speech.

Photos, then pizza and medals. 

Dave and E got to work on the basement.

When Q got up from his nap, I took him to the store with me.  He got a cake pop from Starbucks.

While work continued in the basement. 

And then Q got a turn to help.

(no blade in the reciprocating saw, but still makes a cool noise)

The boys ordered pizza for supper and then I went out with my friends Megan and Sarah. Sarah was in town for a meeting and stayed extra time so we could all get together.  We ate at Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington. 

The next morning we puttered around the house and then got ready for E's t-ball banquet. 

The Mets lining up for their trophies. 

It was so hot in there and I couldn't hear much so I just hung out with Q in the corner, and snuck a few pieces of pizza.  Dave was there but he left halfway through so he could go for a run.

Dave continued his work in the basement and I did a bunch of things around the house.  Q and I went to the park for a few minutes before supper. 

We had butter chicken from the slow cooker and it was so tasty.  Dave took the boys to the park again after supper to play with E's remote control car and I stayed home to get everything ready for our week (make lunches, fold laundry, etc.).  


  1. Busy weekend with your boys! Nice you could meet up with your friends for dinner out!

  2. Well, that's what we look like! ;)

  3. Fun, busy times 😀. So nice you could meet with your friends!